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Colleges and Universities, College Programs, Degreesstudent-to-student - Resources

Find right colleges and universities for you. Check out the list of vocational schools, colleges and universities that offer higher education. Take a college degree to raise your proficiency. Choose an educational program that suits you best.

Universities and colleges reviews by students for students.

Colleges and Universities, College Programs, Degrees

• 10 Least Expensive Schools for Out-of-State Students
Explore an article and table which contain the information about the cheapest schools for out-of-state learners

• Academic Resources for Students Needs

Look though the list of the most useful academic resources offered by the American colleges and universities, which help students simplify the educational process.


• Admission Tips
Look through the important points necessary for people applying for the higher educational institutions in the USA

• American Higher Education. Its Universal Delineation
Consider the American higher education system. Find out the main student grades, admissions peculiarities and principal university degrees.

• Applying for a Visa
Consider the information and find the answers on such question as where/when to apply for an international student visa. Regard the applicants who are not eligible for a student immigration visa.

• Arrange Your College Search
While looking for the college of your dream, the students are lost in a great amount of information. Read the article and use recommendations that will simplify your quest.

• Atypical Students. Scholarships for Them.
Review the common types of scholarships designed for atypical students. Learn more about their amounts and deadlines.

• College Class Size
Envisage the differences between small and large classes as well as the importance of professor, choose what is better for you.

• College Money for Immigrants
Reading the article find out an information that describes the college money available for immigrants.

• College Sports: What to Choose?
Look through the most general types of college sport activities and choose the most suitable for you. Make a choice between intramural club sports, varsity intercollegiate sports, and cheering.

• College Vocabulary
Find out the meaning of terms used by students, faculty and staff in the college/university environment in the United States.

• Community College as a Peculiar Type of American Higher Institutions
Learn more about community college in the United States of America. Envisage its main peculiarities and point out the education types the college offers.

• Consideration of Rankings for College Choice
Look through the list of the most frequent reasons influencing students to enter the particular higher educational institution.

• Degrees Offered in the USA Colleges
Envisage the most common types of academic degrees offered in the American higher educational institutions.

• Determine Your Academic Foundation
Review the recommendations that consider choosing of the right academic program. Read the information about different types of educational courses.

• Essential Tips for Preparing the Application Essay
Look through the useful points of application essay writing. Find out some necessary tips for its preparing and the most frequent mistakes to aviod them.

• Examination Types
Read the article which describes the basic types of examinations at the American colleges and universities. Find out their peculiarities and recommendations on how to be prepared.

• FAFSA Online vs. FAFSA on Paper
Don't know how to apply for FAFSA: online or on paper. Follow the next list of benefits for online form of application and make a decision.

• Familiarization of International Students with the American Culture
Find out the important points and useful explanations of some American customs and living habits necessary for you future stay in the United States.

• Financial Questions Necessary for US Immigration
Envisage the sources of financial assistance looking through information about the funds outside the US, sponsorship, funds from scholarships and fellowships.

• Five Ways to Avoid College Loans
Obtain a pieces of advice on how to avoid college loans. Look through the information of the most helpful resources.

• Forms and Documents Needed for USA Immigration
Review the list of the forms and documents required for the USA immigration.

• Four Questions for High School Guidance Counselor to Ask
Receive answers on the questions that are the most useful while preparing to college entering

• General Characteristics of the Campus Life
Look through the article finding out the points of on campus living: university size opportunities, partying, sport programs, student organizations, fraternities/sororities.

• General Division of USA Higher Education Institutions
Envisage the main types of higher education institutions in the United States of America. Know more about their features and peculiarities.

• Guidance to the Financial Aid Applying
Consider the things you should know when applying for finacial aid as well as top 10 questions to ask the financial aid officer

• Higher Education Schools in USA: Institute of Technology
Regard the institute of technology as a type of higher education schools in the USA.

• How to Choose a College Minor?
Follow recommendations on how to choose a college minor. Envisage the general meaning of this matter.

• How to Choose a Major?
Find the answers on such questions as: how to choose a college major, what's about more than one college major, why does my major matter when I choose which college to attend?

• How to Choose a Partner University?

The article points out a list of useful criteria for university choosing: country, size of campus and city, length of stay, costs, language of instruction and training, personal and academic benefits.


• How to Find Friends in the University
One of the tasks for international students abroad is to find friends in the new community. So, look at some recommendations which help you simplify the search.

• How to Schedule Study Time?
Being the international student not familiarized with the specifics of the educational process in the United States, follow the recommendations enumerated in the article.

• How to Survive a Bad College Roommate
Look through the recommendations on how to survive a bad college roommate. Follow these pieces of advice to make your dormitory life easier.

• Important Tips for Making Friends on Day 1 of College
Going abroad to receive education, it will be cognitive for you to read the following advice on how to make friends as quickly as possible.

• Interesting Educational Facts
The article comprises the cognitive data and conclusions concerning the different aspects of the higher education in the United States.

• International Students F.A.Qs
Find answers on your frequently asked questions about education opportunities and peculiarities in the United States.

• Liberal Arts College as a Provider of Particular Educational Experience
Consider the distinct features of the liberal arts college. Look through the main aspects that differ it from undergraduate experiences in other countries.

• Living Accommodations of American Universities
Look through the article and find out the appropriate housing accommodations suitable for you. Envisage the living peculiarities of on and off campus housing options.

• Making the Final Choice
Having difficulties with the college choice, look through the article and follow its recommendations.

• Notional Exposition of the Tertiary Education
Envisage the general characteristics of tertiary education. Find out institutions providing such type of education.

• Participation in the College Social Life
Being applicant to the American colleges and universities, get more information about their social life. Look through the basic types of community participation: clubs/organizations, cultural activities, and Greek life. 

• Preparing-To-Go Checklist
Envisage the list of necessary things and deals you should do before the departure to another country for education receiving.

• Professional Schools in the United States
Envisage the different types of professional schools in America and find out their specifics and purposes.

• Public vs Private Colleges
Make a decision which college is better considering the following characteristics: tuition, funding and name recognition. 

• Record Number of International Students in the United States
The article envisages the growth of international students in the American colleges and universities as well as points out the main countries-exporters.

• Rooming in College with the Best Friend
The article helps you understand if living with the best friend is a nice idea at all. Take into consideration its important points to make a decision.

• Safety on Campus
Review the main recommendations about how to feel safe and secure on university campus during the day time and at night.

• Some Do's and Don'ts of the Resume
Envisage the positive and negative sides of resume preparing. Make your own conclusions for arranging the correct variant.

• Speaking About University Food and Meals
Read the article regarding the university food purchase options, meal plans characteristics and the features of dining halls.

• Specifics of MA and MS Degrees
Read information about Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees pointing out their similar and opposite sides and features.

• Student Life Off-Campus
College life does not mean only classes and education. The students have a lot of various opportunities to have fun off-campus. Read about some of such activities in the article.

• Student Life on Campus. Popular Activities
Envisage the basic student activities in the American colleges: sport teams, career-based clubs, international groups and clubs for every choice.

• Students Activities. What is Offered for You?
Look through the enumeration of students sport activities offered by the colleges and univerisities in the United States.

• Study Tips for US Colleges
Look through the list of recommendations on how to be successful during the educational course.

• Studying in Another Language
Here are some recommendations for international students desiring to receive the education in the United States and facing the problem of another language in classes.

• Studying in the USA. Students Benefits
Look through  the main reasons for international students to choose the educational peculiarities of USA.

• Tests for the American Colleges and Universities Enrollment
Get the necessary information about enrollment tests in the higher education institutions of the United States. Look through their particular features.

• The Easy Way to Be Employed
Look through the list of highly marketable skills and qualities helping you be employed.

• The International Student Identity Card
Review the information about International Student Identity Card. Find out answers on such questions as card purpose and history.

• The Most Common Mistakes on Financial Aid Applications
Read the information that regards the basic points of failing the financial aid applications. Make a conclusion and just try to avoid them.

• The Peculiarities of the Educational Process in the American High Schools

The article highlights the overview of educational process in the American high schools including the grade levels, a number of classes, core subjects, electives etc.


• The Pros and Cons of Greek Life in College
Envisage the positive and negative peculiarities of Greek life inside the college community and decide if it is worth of participation.

• The System of Public and Private Schools in the United States
Look through the information concerning public and private schools in the United States. Point out their common and distinct characteristics.

• The Thank You Note
Follow the recommendations for how to prepare thank you note. Consider the letter purpose and its main characteristics.

• US Driver’s License and Its State Requirements
Envisage the main demands to international students to receive the driver's license in the United States.

• Vocational Training in the Division of Educational Types
Find out the main characteristics of the vocational education. Get the information about schools providing this type of education.

• What Do We Know About Letters of Recommendation?
Find out the information about letters of recommendation. Receive the answers on such questions as: who to select, how to ask and what should be said.

• What International Students Should Know about American National Holiday Celebrations
Envisage the most important national holidays in the United States and find out the work of higher educational institutions during those days.

• What is the Best College?
Envisage which is the best college for you concerning your interests and educational goals as well as the institutional responsibilities.

• What Should International Students Visit in the United States?
Find out the most popular places for visiting in the United States preferred by American citizens and visitors all around the world.

• What's a Lease
Point out the data about lease: what's that at all and what should you know about it.

• What's About Student Orientation

Envisage the useful points for college orientation. Look through the main recommendations helping you enter the college life.

• Which Type of Resume to Choose?
Read the article which contains data concerning the main types of resume. Envisage the features of the functional and chronological resumes.