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Interesting Educational Facts
  • 74.9 million
    People enrolled in school throughout the country
  • About 60%
    Percentage of 3- and 4-year-olds enrolled in nursery school
  • 65%
    Children enrolled in kindergarten who attend all day, up from 20% three decades earlier
  • 54.6 million
    The number of students to be enrolled in the nation’s elementary and high schools
  • 12%
    Percentage of elementary and high school students enrolled in private schools
  • 40%
    Elementary and high school students who are minorities
  • 22%
    Elementary and high school students with at least one foreign-born parent
  • 9.9 million
    School-age children (5 to 17) who speak a language other than English at home
  • 29 million
    Children participating each month in the national school lunch program
  • 16.7 million
    Number of students enrolled in the nation’s colleges and universities
  • 37%
    All college students age 25 and over
  • 6.5 million
    Number of teachers in the United States
  • $56,300
    Annual salary of public elementary and secondary school teachers in California
  • $10,660
    Average tuition, room, and board (for in-state students) at the nation’s four-year public colleges and universities for an entire academic year
  • $31,051
    Average tuition, room, and board at the nation’s four-year private colleges and universities for one complete academic year
  • 3.1 million
    Number of high school diplomas that is awarded in the end of school year
  • 2.7 million
    Number of college degrees expected to be conferred in the end of school year