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What's About Student Orientation

Entering the college or university, the students meet everything new – people, classes, teachers etc. That's why, there appears a lot of questions (i.e. How will you find your classes, buy your books and meet your new friends and classmates? Where do you go to get snacks or your meals?).

Some higher education institutions offer an orientation program full of activities designed to make the transition easier and help applicants make the most of their college experience. However, there are few good reasons to participate in the orientation:  

  • If you're living in the dorms, it can help you meet other students who won't be living with you. Your dorm might be full of cool people and a great place to hang out, but college is about new experiences and it's always good to expand your social circle;
  • Unless your college is very, very small, it will be hard to find your way around at first. Orientation can help you plot out the fastest way to get to class, which comes in very handy when you wake up at 8:15 for an 8:30 class;
  • You can learn about the many campus resources available, from health services to tutoring to financial aid;
  • Fun games and activities, plus displays and information about campus clubs and organizations;
  • Free food!


Moreover, new students should remember to bring a few things with them to fully enjoy the orientation experience:

  • Comfortable shoes-there will probably be a lot of walking, and blisters are never fun;
  • Water bottle;
  • Paper and pencil-just in case;
  • All the forms you need to get filled out or handed in (i.e. financial aid, course registration).