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General Characteristics of the Campus Life
Usually, the campus life depends on the type of university/college attended by the student. Therefore, public universities supply its community with a great variety of opportunities and no shortage of activities or companions. In their turn, smaller institutions have more of a small town community feeling where people get to know each other in multiple settings.  

Furthermore, colleges provide a chance for many undergraduate students to live independently for the first time in such a way causing heavy drinking, staying out late, promiscuity and general lack of responsibility, whether academically, morally or physically.  

Some higher educational institutions are recognized as “party schools” because of their social groups and a not necessarily academic focus.

Moreover, many schools make a great emphasis on their sport programs, encouraging either whole student body or the town/city to support them in their games and competitions.

Besides, a large part of the college experience revolves around the groups students associate themselves with. Such groups are organized by people with the similar interests who hang out and do things together, whether on or off campus.

Additionally, some universities offer participation in their sororities (for women) and fraternities (for men), which promote bonding among select learners who have undergone an initiation and acceptance ritual. Moreover, most of these groups have Greek letter names and have similar branches at schools across the country.