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Living Accommodations of American Universities

Having become the student of particular college or university in the United States, the learners are also interested in the questions that concern living accommodations.

Generally, the institutional community has an opportunity to live either on campus or off campus. On campus housing options are represented by residence halls, which are university-managed accommodation, designed and maintained to provide a caring environment that encourages academic success, respect and personal growth. As usual, the accommodations of residence halls are "co-ed" (co-educational), meaning that men and women live in the same building, but on separate floors or wings. They feature a traditional dormitory design of long corridors with rooms on either side and community bathrooms located on each floor. However, some universities also offer apartment-style accommodation with suites of bedrooms that share a common lounge and a bathroom.

Off campus living options are represented by private student housing as well as homestay accommodation.

The first group of living units is dedicated to those learners who want a more independent living environment. Such students share the space with other learners. Moreover, they may rent a room in a property occupied by a family or non-students. Besides, the students are available to live in an apartment complex, a townhouse, a purpose-built student residence, a condominium etc. Private accommodation options have kitchen facilities, so the students can prepare their own food if they wish.

Being under 18, the learners have an opportunity to live in homestay accommodation in such a way staying in a family home near the university campus. Thus, the students will be secured with a private, furnished bedroom and their meals. The other peculiarities of homestay accommodations are accessibility to the University by public transportation, the location within 20 and 45 minutes drive from campus, participation in North American culture and customs etc.