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International Students F.A.Qs

What kind of legal documents should I keep?
You should have such documents: passport, I-20 A/B or I-20ID form, and the I-94 form (a document issued to every student as the arrival and departure record). Don't forget to make copies of these documents, because the originals may be lost or stolen.

What if I transfer to another U.S. university or college?
The learners are available to transfer to another school. However, they need to notify the current Designated School Official to complete all necessary forms and counsel about the steps to take in making the transfer.  

Can I work to support my studies?
The university may employ their students offering them less than 20 hours per week work. Moreover, the learners have an opportunity to qualify for a total of twelve months of paid pre-completion practical training.

What happens if I visit my country before finishing my studies?

Several weeks before you desire to return home to visit, you should see the Designated School Official and bring him all your legal documents with you while you travel.  

What happens if I lose my legal documents?
As it was mentioned before, you are to make copies of all necessary documents. But in the case of loss, report it to your Designated School Official.

Can I change my legal status?
Students are available to change their status from the F1 to F2 or F1 to H1 (temporary work permit). The Designated School Official is responsible to inform you in all details.