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Five Ways to Avoid College Loans

It's a hot topic on financial news shows and in financial magazines to discuss the cost for college education. But the most concerned group with how to pay for college is high school students and their parents. It is important for them to avoid the college loans. Thus, there are some recommendations to do that:

1. Choosing an affordable school

While applying to several schools, you should end up choosing the the most affordable one.

2. Starting a new stream of income

You have an opportunity to look for some job several years before college in such a way  earmarking the earnings for her college education.  

3. Spending time on the résumé and college essays

Pay great attention to the schoolwork, because in such a way your hard work will be paid off through scholarships. Therefore, highlighting these items in the résumé and essays will definitely help to pay off in terms of scholarship dollars.  

4. Applying for scholarships

Wanting two or three scholarships, you should apply for about 20 or 30, because in reality the students typically only receive about 10 percent of the scholarships they apply for.  

5. Getting summer and on-campus jobs

Having no work during the school year while in high school, it will be useful to took part-time jobs during the summer in order to save money and cover all the own personal expenses, such as clothes, food, and gas.