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Guidance to the Financial Aid Applying

The question which frightens you – how to pay for college? It's because you are afraid you can't afford to go to college at all, because education costs seem to always be on the rise, and your family does not have enough money.

But, there exist a variety of options available for students today to assist with the costs for college or university. Therefore, before panicking about the financial support, look through the following important tips:

Things to Know When Applying for Financial Aid:

1. What is the average total cost for the first year?
2. How much costs are spent on room and board? What are the positive and negative sides of living in university residences opposing to private accommodation?
3. How much will general costs increase each year?
4. Does financial need have an influence on admission decisions?
5. How much do I have saved and how much can my family contribute?

Top 10 Questions to Ask the Financial Aid Officer:

1. What are the types of financial aid available? What are the differences between them?
2. What application forms are required to complete the financial aid process?
3. When will it be notified about financial aid award decisions?
4. How much financial aid will be received?
5. If the financial aid award package isn't enough to make it possible for me to attend my preferred college, under what conditions, if any, will the aid office reconsider the offer?
6. How is the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculated?
7. How will my aid package change from year to year and what will happen if my financial situation changes?
8. What are the terms and conditions of the aid programs included in my award package? What are the academic requirements for the renewal of financial aid?
9. What amount of student loan debt does the typical student borrower have once he or she finishes college?
10. When can my family expect to receive bills from the college?