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Financial Questions Necessary for US Immigration

The task of visa applicants consists in proving that ample funds are or will be available from a reliable financial source to pay for all living and school expenses during the entire period of study in the US. In case with F-1 visa, the learners should show proof of their possibility to meet all expenses for the first year of study. But applicants for M-1 visa must assure they have available funds to pay all tuition and living costs for the entire period of study.


The funds outside the United States

When the applicant funds are from a source outside the United States (i.e. support of parents living in their home country), the consular officer must determine if there are restrictions on the funds transfer. However, if such restrictions happen, the consular officer must require some evidence that these restrictions will not influence the funds during the applicant's period of study.

Financial sponsorship

The applicants must be assured of financial support made by sponsors. Therefore:

  • The financial sponsor is responsible for ensuring that the applicant will not need to seek unauthorized work while studying in the United States;
  • The sponsor must provide evidence (in the form of documents) of the financial resources that are necessary for the student.

Financial sponsorship by an American

The sponsor who is a US citizen (a relative) will need to complete Form I-134 (Affidavit of Support) requiring from him to pay for all expenses that cannot be covered by the learner.

Funds from fellowships and scholarships

The students may receive financial assistance from the institution which they will attend. Thus, the institution arranges for the students an opportunity to conduct research, give lectures, or perform other academic functions as part of a fellowship or scholarship.