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Which Type of Resume to Choose?

While creating a resume, students combine a variety of its styles that embrace combinational, functional, a combination of the two, and/or an online one.

Thus, the functional resume gives a description of work experience and proficiencies sorted by skill area or job function rather than by a listing of jobs in order of when you had them. Such type may be begun with a listing of skills or experience acquired in areas of leadership, followed by a listing of skills acquired in sales positions, and finally a technical expertise section of skills.
Usually, the functional resume is written by those people whose job experience doesn’t reflect a clear-cut career path or who have experienced gaps in employment. Being not appreciated by the employers, such resumes have become more accepted over the years.

The specifics of chronological resume consists in describing of work experience in reverse order, with the most recent job listed first. It includes dates, locations, companies and job titles, therefore many employers prefer this kind of resume because it provides clearly organized, traditional information.  
Moreover, it is suitable for those people who have a stable and established employment history. Such resume consists of the following sections: Personal (name, phone, address), Employment (reverse chronological listing of positions), Education (institutions and degrees), and any additional information like Experience, Affiliations, Licenses, etc. that help to distinguish applicants qualifications for a particular position or field.