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Speaking About University Food and Meals
Usually, the American colleges and universities supply its learners with a meal plan – a pre-payment plan for eating in the university dining halls and other on-campus food outlets. Therefore, the students are secured with an opportunity to have:

  • specific number of full meals each semester (at least one full meal every day in the main dining hall);
  • set amount of extra “dining dollars” each semester that learners can spend flexibly, at all campus catering facilities.

Speaking about university food purchase options, the community is supplies with:

  • university accommodations (students will usually be required to pay for a university meal plan);
  • private accommodations (learners can choose whether they purchase a meal plan or not);
  • homestay accommodations (meals will be provided and included in the Homestay cost).

Furthermore, almost all universities offer their dining halls organized as self-service cafeterias or food courts, where learners may choose their own meals. Moreover, the community is available to have meal in smaller cafes, snack bars, coffee shops, express kiosks and vending machines.
Generally, the provided food in universities embraces a wide variety of hot meals, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, baked potatoes, soups, salads, and desserts.