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The Pros and Cons of Greek Life in College

Greek life in the college definitely has its peculiarities. Some people think that this is one of the ways to enrich their experience, the other don't want even to hear about it. Thus, look for its pros and cons to consider if it is appropriate to you.

Pro: A boost to your social life
As a member of the Greek life, you automatically become a part of the college social life where you have an opportunity to host events together, organize community service projects as well as party together.

Con: Too-crazy party
The Greek life may engage you in such variety of activities that you will not have time for education. Moreover, some fraternities and sororities have a negative reputations for alcohol-fueled out-of-control parties.

Pro: A close community
Fraternities and sororities help students build a sense of community, because here learners may meet many new people in such a way organizing a social network. Additionally, the students may have a chance to share student housing with other members of the Greek community.

Con: Limited diversity in the community
Even being a part of large social network, you should remember that usually Greek life cannot offer a great people diversity.

Pro: Volunteer work is encouraged

The fraternities and sororities encourage community service and volunteerism which may range from holding fundraisers to tutoring local school children.

Con: The exclusivity factor
Sometimes the idea of Greek life is perceived as bad one because of the fraternities/sororities exclusivity.