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Examination Types

Generally, university exams are divided into two categories: objective or short/long answer essay. The first category features true/false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and/or matching questions that check the students ability to recall, relate and apply specific information, and logically use evidence.  

Speaking about true/false questions, the students may answer each one as true, until they can determine what makes it false. However, they must be attentive paying careful attention to each part of the statement, because one understatement, overstatement or absolute word (i.e. all, every, must, never) will make the whole sentence false.

When answering multiple choice questions, separate all answers that make the statement false. Being torn between two answers, choose the more appropriate one.

To work through matching sections of an exam, cross out any words already used unless the directions specify that you can use answers more than once. Moreover, try writing or describing the answer not knowing the exact word or term, because some professors appreciate students who demonstrate their own knowledge of the idea.

The second group
of tasks tests learners ability to recall, organize and sometimes apply their knowledge to a specific situation. So, short answer essays must  present the information as clearly and concisely as learner can within one paragraph. At the same time, long answer essays should be made up of several paragraphs containing a full response with the ended thought. The students should pay attention on key words such as compare, contrast, describe, demonstrate, discuss, summarize or support. Besides, a new paragraph should highlight a new point.