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Student Life Off-Campus

The international students, living outside the American classrooms, spend very often their time inside the library. But, they should remember that students life in the United States also embraces drinking beer and having fun. Moreover, the American colleges and universities offer a lot of activities and events for learners. However, remember, that all the opportunities in the world won’t help if you won't become a member of such activities. Besides, are you sure that have transportation options for on- and off-campus events at the US college.

Students life after classes

You must be interested in activities offered after the classes. Many colleges and universities provide such evening activities as speakers, free films, plays on-campus or concerts represented by the music department. Moreover, find out what types of activities and clubs are on-campus and if students crowd the bars and go to off-campus parties.

The connection of college location and student life
You must also admit, that student life is very influenced by the location of college or university. Thus, the institution in a small community offers less off-campus activities and events than that located in the middle or large city.

The meaning of transportation
Even when the campus is located not far from the place of your living and you are available to envisage the surrounding community by foot, take a glance on the transportation offered by the college/university. Therefore, if public transportation is not provided, just try to get a US driver's license bringing a vehicle to the college. But, check beforehand if this option is possible at all.

However, you should look through the options for student life on- and off-campus at first if they match your interests.