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How to Schedule Study Time?
Having no opportunity to change the number of hours in a day, the students can arrange the most of them. Embracing a variety of activities and responsibilities, the learner is included in, it is needed to manage the study time for being succeeded.

Generally, the students at universities are expected to spend approximately two hours of study time outside the classroom for every hour spent in the classroom. However, the international learner should spend more. The best solving of such problem consists in creation of a long range schedule combined with a short range schedule in such a way organizing the whole semester while planning the week ahead.

There must be included the basic activities at first. They embrace classes, labs, work, social gatherings and others. Then the schedule should include flexible-hour activities like study time, and finally recreational activities.   

Moreover, it's also useful to put the study time on the calendar and just follow through with it. The students are also recommended to study at the same time every day as well as make use of the hours they have between classes. The classes usually takes from fifty to ninety study periods, but there must be a 10-15 minute break before beginning a new subject.