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How to Survive a Bad College Roommate

Look at the list of 10 ways to cope with the situation and come out on top, if you live with a roommate who is bad to bone.

Regularly communicate with your roommate to clear up all the situations and problems. Because, as we know, many feuds are started by a simple misunderstanding.

2.Have someone to vent to  
Share your problems and feeling, concerning terrible living with a roommate, with mom, the best friend, or even therapist not accumulating the frustration inside.

3.Have a sense of humor
Even the smallest thing can start your hassle (the sound of his typing, the smell of her perfume, the smile on his face), when you live with a bad college roommate. Therefore, thy to perceive it more ironically, knowing that in the future you will recollect the memories with the smile on face.

4.Treat your roommate the way that you would want to be treated.
It will be the best variant in such situation, because the revenge is the easiest option.

5.Find good friends
They will support you in various situations as well as provide a room for escaping. Therefore, in the moment of the greatest tension, you have a chance to relocate.

6.Get a life
Spend a larger part of your time outdoors, in such a way avoiding different unpleasant situations and talks with your roommate. Become active person engaged in various activities and event in the college.

7.Invest in a good pair of headphones
It's also a good idea when you want to relax and your roommate is all the time on phone talking with friends.

8.Start wearing earplugs and an eye mask
You should do it because the roommate is indifferent in case when you are going to sleep.

9.Invest in air fresheners
For those living with Slobby Bobby or Josie Grossy, it will be useful to buy air fresheners to safe the quality of their life when roommate has a lack of hygiene.

If all attempts fail, just ask the appropriate college authorities to be relocated.