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US Driverís License and Its State Requirements
Speaking about American driver's license, you should remember that its presence and need depends on where in the United States you live. Moreover, every state has its own set of rules about when you can use a foreign driver’s license and when you must apply for a US driver’s license.
The assistance concerning this problem may be solved through the university international student services office as well as state office that distributes driver's licenses (often called the “Department of Motor Vehicles” or the “Bureau of Motor Vehicles”).
Driver's license in New York
As an example we take Syracuse University in New York. It recommends the international students not to apply for a US driver’s license unless they become New York residents (but if you came from the foreign country, you are not considered resident). Therefore, you may drive while having a valid driver’s license from your country as well as a certified translation of the license or an International Driving Permit.
In the case of getting of US driver's license, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles will destroy your foreign license.  
Driver's license in California
To get an International Driving Permits is regarded as a waste of time and money, because the state does not recognize the permit as a driver’s license. But, California recognizes licenses from foreign countries.  
You have also the another variant of solving the problem – to get a California identification card that allows to drive in the state.

Driver's license in the other states

To use a foreign driver’s license with an International Driving Permit for up to a year, the international students are available in the state of Pennsylvania. Illinois supplies the learners with an opportunity to use an international license during 90 days. Moreover, some states may offer students to take a written test or a driving test on the road.