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Studying in Another Language

Studying abroad often supposes studying in another language. Therefore, the student task consists in learning new material in the college courses through learning it in his/her second language.

But, you should not be scared and confused. Just follow the next tips to avoid or solve the problems:  


  • Keep a dictionary nearby;
  • Highlight keywords;
  • Form a study group (the communication with native speakers makes the language studying easier);
  • Expand your vocabulary (to organize a list of the most important words and college terminology);
  • Organize your note;
  • Write (writing and rewriting you practice your vocabulary as well as you grammar).


There are also tips useful for all students, even if they are not studying abroad in another language:


  • Be prepared (to begin studying weeks before a major test instead of waiting until the night before);
  • Use office hours (having some questions or while needing additional help, ask for it in your professor during the office hours);
  • Learn (to memorize facts for your long-term needs);
  • Sleep ( to get some rest the night before your test);