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Students Activities. What is Offered for You?
Being an active participant of sport teams at school, you have an opportunity to continue such tradition in the college or university you will enter.

Sports at College
Most American higher institutions supply the students with membership in intramural sport leagues where learners may form teams and play against their classmates just for fun. Such sports range from broom ball to touch football, and vary from one school to the next.
Additionally, there exist intercollegiate sports on a more competitive level. Its mission consists in playing against one another for titles and championships of different college teams. Moreover, the intercollegiate sports features embrace the representing college as a whole, providing a mandatory practices and participating in games against other colleges.    

Offered sports
The students have an opportunity to take part in a great variety of the low-key intramural sports and competitive intercollegiate sports. However, the learners must interest in offered sports, because some colleges provide a number of intramurals, but the other have extremely high-profile intercollegiate teams that feed players into the professional teams.

Watching sports at college
If you don't want to become a member of a particular sport team, you are available just to watch sports. In such a way you may attend games, support the team and throw huge parties after a team victory.

But, you should consider that sports can certainly impact the social setting of a campus, whether the college sports are personally significant to you or not.