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Making the Final Choice
The search or sorting through the college options embraces months or even years. After that either students or their parents come to various conclusions:

From a students it sounds as “Is it better to go a school that has given a $20,000 scholarship, offers a summer internship opportunity, and supplies with a letter of recommendation from the college president at graduation?”

At the same time parents think: “Several schools have given the child different amounts of scholarship assistance. How do we determine which of them represents the best 'value'?”

Therefore, the student does not know which college will look better and which will work better for him, because he can't decide between an attractive package from one school and the basic offer from another "better" school.   

The decision lies in the following questions:

1. Which school gives me the best opportunity to achieve my educational goals by virtue of its curriculum, faculty, and facilities?

2. In which learning environment will I be able to "do my thing" most comfortably?

3. Which college will challenge me to develop my skills to their fullest?

4. Where will I find a community of "scholars" that brings out the best in me as a person?

5. Which college has demonstrated that it is most likely to invest in my success?

Answer them, and you'll find a right conclusion.