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The Thank You Note
After being interviewed, the students should prepare a Thank You Note (which formally is a business letter) and get it to the recruiter within 24 hours, because hiring decisions are often made within 24 hours of the interviews.

Such letters help applicants to reinforce the interest in the position and their desirability as a candidate. Moreover, the letters may contain the information not mentioned or forgotten in the interview. Besides, the students are available to address any concerns brought up by the recruiter(s) during the interview by offering assurance of your suitability.


But, remember, thank you letters should be as well written as cover letters. Therefore, drop the letter off yourself at the main reception of the company to ensure that it gets there before the hiring decision is made.


In case of being interviewed by more than one person you should send a thank you letter to each one. Additionally, the applicants duties consist in collecting of business cards or writing down their names on the note pad.


If you get a job offer


While obtaining the job offer, consider it carefully. Even if you might accept the offer immediately, the employer will probably give you a little time to think it over. And at first, the applicants should formulate their personal job criteria that embraces job content, compensation package, soundness of the company, quality of the organization's products or services, reputation of the organization in its industry, people, time requirements, its corporate culture, quality of the organizational management, physical environment, long-range benefits and geographic location etc.


Thus,having decided to accept the offer, get it in writing as soon as possible. Although many job offers are made over the phone, but most employers will follow up with a written one.