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Admission Tips

 Here are some necessary tips every applicant should know:

  • Apply to several colleges or universities to improve the chances of getting accepted to at least one college;
  • Ask for application and financial aid forms as soon as possible, because it's important to have these forms sooner than later to know what will be required;
  • Attend campuses to envisage the buildings, classrooms, residences, library and sport facilities. Moreover, visit college fairs to talk to the representatives of that school to make sure the college culture fits;
  • Begin preparing the applications package early as well as completing application forms, writing personal essays, securing recommenders and obtaining transcripts is time consuming;
  • Be aware of academic requirements (especially of the courses and grades you need in the junior and senior years);
  • Better your grades to obtain the more options for applying to colleges;
  • Submit applications, supporting documents and application fees well before the deadline, because many institutions will not evaluate an application until all documents and fees have been received;
  • Fill in all forms completely checking for accuracy and clarity;
  • Arrange the financial records, scholarship submissions and student loan applications;
  • Preserve a record of all applications for each college, and copies of all relevant forms and documents.