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Four Questions for High School Guidance Counselor to Ask

High school guidance counselors possess a great amount of information. But also it is helpful to know what to ask to make the best use of this resource. That's why in order to make the most of the assistance that your child's school offers, it's best to be prepared with some questions. There are the most useful among them:

1. What schools can you recommend that you feel would be a good fit for my child?

If asking this question, the students may be pointed toward some schools that aren't on their children's radar but are worth investigating. Therefore, the answer they got to this question turned out to be an important part of the college search.

2. What is my résumé lacking?

The only resources you have to recommend yourself through the college admissions process are your résumé and your application essay. While seeing many résumés each year, college counselors can often pinpoint which parts of your résumé need some beefing up—or some toning down. Besides, sometimes your résumé can actually be enhanced by omitting less-important activities, in order to allow your greatest assets to stand out.  

3. What do universities look for in an application essay?

As a part of the Engish class in high school, the applicants write a college scholarship essay. the English teachers revise such essays for grammar and continuity errors, but the college counselors, being a much better resource for information, have an idea of what specific schools or scholarship judges look for in applications, as well as which kinds of applications have been accepted in the past.

4. Is there anything else I can be doing right now?

There is always something else you can be doing to get more scholarship money or improve your chances of being accepted, among other things (even if you think you're on top of your applications).