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General Division of USA Higher Education Institutions

Many of the world's most prestigious higher education institutions are located in the United States embracing for about 7,000 colleges/universities and approximately 15 million students. The American higher education system includes institutions that focus on one or more study areas such as vocational, business, engineering, technical, or liberal arts.

The American university and college system consists of both public and privately operated institutions. Moreover, schools can be non-profit or for-profit. Tuition and living costs of public education are typically lower than for private (attendance for undergraduates at public four-year institutions costs near $15,000 per year versus close to $30,000 for private, for-profit, four-year institutions).
American higher education system of institutions is represented by various types of degree-granting schools. They are as follows:

  • Universities – offer a large number of academic degree programs covering many disciplines. Each state has one or more public state universities which are funded in part by the state and thus charge lower tuition than privately run universities.
  • Colleges – Most of them are private schools specializing in one or more areas such as business, engineering, liberal arts, etc. They offer Bachelor's and Master's degrees and sometimes Associate's and Doctoral degrees.
  • Community Colleges – two-year public schools providing Associates degrees and other Diplomas and Certifications. Their programs usually include a wide variety of vocational options as well as general education programs.
  • Career Schools – offer programs that teach job-focused skills in a variety of career fields including business, medical, dental, computers, and construction trades etc. Graduates earn an Associate's degree, Diploma or Certification.
  • Technical Schools – These schools promote programs that teach hands-on job skills to prepare their students to enter the workforce in a technical or trade occupation. Programs typically result in an Associate's degree, Diploma or Certification.
  • Online Schools – These type of schools offer degree programs via distance learning methods.