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What's a Lease
American universities and colleges supply the students with an opportunity to live either on or off campus. Therefore, one part of learners is responsible for finding the appropriate apartments to rent. In such cases, they are faced with such document as a lease – a written agreement, or contract, between the tenant(s) and the landlord, which usually states the rent amount per month as well as when the rent is due every month.  
Moreover, the students are responsible to be informed in the following sides of the lease:

  • The deposit amount;
  • A period of staying (for example, six months, 12 months);
  • Utilities you are required to pay;
  • The number of days you must give before moving out;
  • Rules you must follow (for example – no pets);
  • Services performed by the landlord (such as yard work or repairs);
  • Other conditions necessary to be followed by you and landlords;
  • Besides, signing contract, make sure you read it carefully.