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Important Tips for Making Friends on Day 1 of College

Being included in the community of new people and strangers, your great desire and task will consists in making even a one friend not to feel lonely. Therefore, there are represented some important tips on how to make friends during the first day of the college.

1. Smile!
As a member of new community, you are among people with different religions, cultures, sexualities and ethnicities. That's why, smile all the time, because it means the same for everybody. Moreover, the smile makes you more approachable and you radiate some kind of confidence.

2. Introduce yourself to the people on your floor
Moving into the dorm, it will be a nice idea to open a door in such a way to invite people for introducing. Moreover it will be a nice chance, when having a friend on the floor, you have a chance to escape from your boring roommate.

3. Don't sit by yourself
You should not afraid to sit to a random person or start a conversation with the person next to you, because in this case you will miss a chance to understand if there is something common with him/her.

4. Go to the housing events
During the first week in the college, you are available to attend various welcome events. Sometimes they may sound strange, but that makes the events even more fun, and often they have free food. Such types of activities also provide an opportunity to find people close to you or even related souls.