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FAFSA Online vs. FAFSA on Paper
While filling out the Free Application for Federal Aid, the students have two choices to do that: online with FAFSA on the Web, or on the paper, which is the old-fashioned way. But, it is recommended to fill the application online. Do you want to know why?

Access to help. Having th problems with a particular section of application, the learners have an opportunity to look for assistance and some explanations by clicking the “Need Help?” icon at the bottom of each page. Moreover, the students may receive the support provided by the customer service representative through clicking “Live Help” icon.

Worksheets. There are worksheets in online application automatically calculating and entering data for you and saving your energy at the same time.

Automatically checks for errors.
In the case of filling out the FAFSA online, you will have it more accurate, because it features built-in error checking.

Easy electronic signing. To sign the FAFSA online, the students may use their Personal Identification Number. (However, with the paper application, you must mail in a signature page).

Automatic Save.
While filling online application, you are available to save it at any time and return to it later.

Faster Student Aid Report. Student Aid Report, or SAR will be received more quickly when you fill out the FAFSA online.

More Spaces for Colleges.
The Web version of application lists ten colleges the students is considering when the paper one has space for only four.

Saves the Federal Government Money.
The learners save the federal government money in processing costs.