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College Sports: What to Choose?
If you are not a great sportsman or even are not fond of sporting events, the American colleges and universities will help you choose the appropriate activity which is a good alternative.

Intramural club sports
this type of activity is a non-competitive sports leagues for students where they form their own teams and play against one another in a relaxed low-key setting. Moreover, the students don't feel a pressure to win games or championship. They are only aimed to have fun and enjoy.
Some institutions offer only a few kinds of such sports. However, the other have more options, including sports you may never have even heard of. Such sports range from touch football to ultimate Frisbee, soccer, Frisbee golf, and more.  

Varsity intercollegiate sports
Many schools have their own varsity sports teams which compete at the intercollegiate level. Such teams are specially for those who are interested in participating in a sport at a more competitive level.
The students feel pressure participating varsity sports because they represent their respective college as a whole. Therefore, the athletic department involve the sportsmen in tryouts and mandatory practices almost daily.

Often a high-profile school sports team (such as a basketball or football team) can attract a lot of attention and serve as a basis for a social system for students. That's why, the learners go with their friends to watch games and cheer. Moreover, they may join their buddies at a bar to drink watch televised away games, throw tailgate parties on game day, and party into the wee hours on nights when the team wins.

Having no interest in sports?
It's not wrong when you are not interested in playing or watching sports as well as celebrating with friends the the win of college football team. In such case you are available to attend those institutions paying little or no attention on sports. Just look through the college billboards and student newspapers for notices about more offbeat social events. Therefore, you have an opportunity to become member of the other (not more interesting) activities.