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How to Choose a Partner University?

Use the following scheme to find out the university appropriate to you:

What country or area of the world has always sparked your interest?


Size of city
Make a choice between a big city, a university town, or a small town?


Size of Campus
Does campus size or style matter? Do you want to experience a campus similar to or different from a particular campus?


Length of stay
Do you want to go for Term 1, Term 2, both terms, a split-year (Term 2 then Term 1), or a summer?

What is the cost of living? Does it fit your budget?


Language of instruction
Do you want to be in an English-speaking country? You can often study in English in non English-speaking countries.


Language training
Do you want to study another language? (you can study French in France or study in French in France).

Personal benefits
What are your personal goals for Exchange? What do you want to get out of the experience?


Academic benefits
Ask the following questions: What are your academic goals for Exchange? Would studying in a specific location benefit your degree? Would studying at a specific university benefit your degree?