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What Do We Know About Letters of Recommendation?

Most colleges ask for letters of recommendation in their application package, therefore they should be positive. So, the applicants must who to select for their letters of recommendation and how to ask these people to receive the significant impact on the quality of the recommendations.

Who to Select

Usually, the one letter must be from teacher (the learners spend a lot of time within the school territory, that's why the teachers know them personally and academically very well). The students should choose those teachers who may emphasize their leadership skills in the letter of recommendation. However, it is remarkable that the teacher giving you the best marks, isn't always the one who knows you the best.

Furthermore, the students should pick those teachers who specialize in the same area as they are interested in or a teacher who attended the same college as they're applying to.

Besides, some colleges also request a letter of recommendation from the high school counselor (This person knows you personally and academically. He/she can also talk about your career interests).

How to Ask
Having chosen the teacher, the students must approach him/her and ask if this person would be comfortable in providing you with a glowing recommendation. In the case of hesitation, the applicant should politely let him know that you can ask another teacher.

But, when the teacher has agreed to provide you with a positive letter of recommendation, you need to give an ample time to prepare the letter (it's for about two to three weeks). Additionally, give the teacher a list of the colleges and application deadlines to help him in preparation of this letter.

What They Should Say
Moreover, an essential point is to let the teacher know what you would like the letter to emphasize (supply the recommenders with a copy of your personal essay and resume for their reference). The letter should contain the information about contributions in the classroom, at the school and in the community as well as cover a range of strengths, both personally and academically. Besides, the teacher should point out the type of person you are and what others think of you including your classmates and other teachers.

And conclusively, the letter should enthusiastically recommend that you be accepted to the college.