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Higher Education Schools in USA: Institute of Technology
Among the great variety of educational schools, there exists institute of technology, which is a designation employed in a wide range of learning institutions. This school awards different types of degrees and operates often at variable levels of the educational system. Institute of technology may represent institution of higher education and advanced engineering and scientific research or professional vocational education, specializing in science, engineering, and technology or different sorts of technical subjects. It may also recognized as a secondary education school focused in vocational training.

The terms institute of technology has a synonym - polytechnic (comes from the Greek πολ? (polú or polý) meaning "many" and τεχνικ?ς (tekhnikós) meaning "arts"). However, in the different countries the terms are used preferably.

Historically, polytechnic institutes are elite technological universities many dating back to the mid 19th century. They are often called "Institute of Technology", "Polytechnic Institute", "Polytechnic University". Besides, technical colleges or technical institutes generally provide post-secondary training in technical and mechanical fields focusing on training vocational skills primarily at a community college level—parallel and sometimes equivalent to the first two years at a bachelor's-granting institution.