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Student Life on Campus. Popular Activities
College life provides for students an opportunity to explore new interests joining various sport teams, clubs and student groups where learners may find other people who share their hobbies.

Student sports
Almost all colleges offer participation in such sports as football, volleyball and basketball. But, digging deeper, you may find out that the institution also provides a variety of other sports embracing swimming, dodgeball, frisbee golf etc. The students may become members of intramural teams which promote an informal venue for students to compete against other students from the same school.  

US college career-based clubs
The students have an opportunity to be engaged into activities of professional organizations or career clubs where they are available to become involved in student life, meet classmates with similar career goals, network with people already working in the field and find a job after graduation.
Moreover, it will be useful to check if college/university offers extracurricular activities developing the students skills that will improve their resume after graduation. Additionally, the learners who like to write, have a chance to participate in college newspaper, yearbook or literary magazine.

International groups for students
International students and others learners who simply want to know more about a different society and life in other countries, are available to take part in clubs centered on specific language or country. Furthermore, such groups provide a chance to experience the culture, such as speakers, festivals and authentic restaurants.

Clubs for every choice
As a member of the college community, you will be informed with the list of its clubs and organizations that range from volunteer groups to acting troupes, academic honoraries to fraternities and sororities. Therefore, the students task will consist in contacting with the club leaders and becoming its member. Besides, there exists a list of organizations specially dedicated to international students.