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10 Least Expensive Schools for Out-of-State Students

Having graduated from high school, some students are aiming to enter the school on the other side of the country. However, while an in-state public education is usually one of the cheapest ways to higher education, many schools promote out-of-state prices that allow learners to bloom far from where they're planted at an affordable price.


Thus, looking through the 414 ranked public colleges and universities (the survey submitted in 2011-2012), the average cost of out-of-state tuition and fees was $17,785 that is almost $10,000 less than the average cost among private schools.


Regarding the top of ten cheapest schools, five of them fall into the Midwest Regional Universities embracing three Minnesota schools: Minnesota State University-Moorhead, Southwest Minnesota State University, and Bemidji State University. Furthermore, five are ranked as Regional Universities either in the West or South, except for the lone school ranked among National Liberal Arts Colleges: Louisiana State University-Alexandria.   


To find data that matters to you in the college or grad school research, explore the short list of colleges which is represented below. These are the 10 least expensive public schools for out-of-state students, based on tuition and required fees:

School Name (State)

Tuition and Fees (2011-2012)

U.S. News Rank & Category

New Mexico Highlands University


RNP*, Regional Universities (West)

Peru State College (NE)


RNP, Regional Universities (Midwest)

Southern University—New Orleans


RNP, Regional Universities (South)

Minot State University (ND)


110, Regional Universities (Midwest)

Eastern Oregon University


RNP, Regional Universities (West)

Minnesota State University—Moorhead


81, Regional Universities (Midwest)

Southwest Minnesota State University


108, Regional Universities (Midwest)

Bemidji State University (MN)


91, Regional Universities (Midwest)

Midwestern State University (TX)


RNP, Regional Universities (West)

Louisiana State University—Alexandria


RNP, National Liberal Arts Colleges