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Specifics of MA and MS Degrees

There exist such graduate degrees in the united States as Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS). To obtain them, the students should earn the Bachelor degree in a closely related field. But, in some cases, the learners have an opportunity to receive Master's degree in a discipline completely different from their undergraduate college major.


Generally, both MA and MS degrees are academically and professionally equivalent, but each features a unique curriculum. Thus, MA indicates specialization in the humanities (majors in such fields as literature, theater, comparative studies, history and philosophy), while an MS features a more technical or science-based field (embraces statistics, physics, mathematics, economics, chemistry, biology, political science and urban development).  


Furthermore, these degrees share many of the same requirements (earned in 1-2 years, both generally require you to write a thesis, often prerequisites for a doctoral degree).

Therefore, to decide which of these Master’s degrees to pursue in the United States, the student should  consider his/her previous academic work, as well as professional goals. Moreover, the awarding with MA or MS degree highlights that you have achieved personal and professional achievement.