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Consideration of Rankings for College Choice

There exist many important factors which influence student decisions to attend a particular college. The article represents 22 reasons listed as learners wanted. They are as follows:

1. College has very good academic reputation (63.7 percent)

2. This college's graduates get good jobs (54.6 percent)

3. I was offered financial assistance (44.0 percent)

4. A visit to the campus (42.5 percent)

5. The cost of attending this college (40.6 percent)

6. College has a good reputation for its social activities (38.6 percent)

7. Wanted to go to a college about this size (38.1 percent)

8. College's grads get into top grad/professional schools (33.4 percent)

9. I wanted to live near home (18.9 percent)

10. Information from a website (18.5 percent)

11. Rankings in national magazines (18.2 percent)

12. Admitted early decision and/or early action (15.0 percent)

13. Parents wanted me to go to this school (14.3 percent)

14. Could not afford first choice (12.6 percent)

15. High school counselor advised me (9.5 percent)

16. Not offered aid by first choice (9.3 percent)

17. Athletic department recruited me (8.3 percent)

18. Attracted by religious affiliation/orientation of college (6.8 percent)

19. My relatives wanted me to come here (6.1 percent)

20. My teacher advised me (6.0 percent)

21. Private college counselor advised me (3.5 percent)

22. Ability to take online courses (2.7 percent)

However, it must be admitted, that rankings are not the main reason in college choice.