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Rooming in College with the Best Friend

You guess that rooming with the best friend in college is seemed to be a nice idea. However, you should also regard the reasons why rooming with the best friend is a bad variant. Do you want to know why?

Your social life can take a hit.

Having a best friend, it's hard to make new ones. But, at the same time, living with a new roommate supplies you with opportunities to meet new people on your own as well as meet all your best friend's roommates.

You may miss out on new experiences
Keeping to your usual routine with the best friend will cause the harder seeming of new experience, because if it's appropriate for you to stay in every Friday eating junk food and watching movies, you will not want to get out of the dorm and try new extracurricular activities.

Your old habits will be harder to break

Living with the best friend deprives you from receiving a new experience, because you are surrounded by the same regime and habits. Therefore, you are not available to obtain something new offered by different people.

Your friendship is likely to go downhill
There exist stressful moments during the living in one room caused by sharing a space, splitting up chores etc. but, all this moments are even worse in the case of your best friend. Thus, do you want to start fighting with him?

Your work ethic is sure to suffer
Such living with the best friend may be very fun, even extremely fun spending a lot of time for partying together every night, wasting too much money and letting the schoolwork slip.