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What is the Best College?
Looking through the list of colleges, you should be focused on those ones that will give you the best opportunity to achieve your educational goals. And the best one is that college, which will fit you the best. Therefore, it must:

- offer the course of study you want to pursue – and will provide opportunities for you to explore if you are undecided;

- provide instruction and learning opportunities in a manner that is compatible with the way you like to learn;

- be a good match for your level of ability and academic preparation; and

- offer a community that feels like home.

Furthermore, you should ask such questions to yourself:

- Do you see it when you look for help in finding financial assistance?
- What is the reaction when you ask about opportunities to pursue special independent study projects or to study in the foreign country?
- Do you find yourself meeting with people who are eager to help you make things happen or are you left to figure these things out on your own?   

Besides, the best college should be interested in you. That's why it is responsible for:

- Giving you personal attention throughout the recruitment process;
- Answering your questions about housing, registration, and payment plans in a timely manner;
- Providing financial aid to meet your need; and
- Recognizing your talents with scholarships and/or special academic opportunities (i.e., study abroad, internships, research, etc.)

Thus, here are main points. That's why be clever while choosing that best college.