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Participation in the College Social Life

Student clubs and organizations


The American college /university community is encouraged to participate numerous clubs and organizations, which offer many different activities. Such memebership supplies the students with a chance to meet other students who have similar interests to you. However, it is recommended that learner joins no more than 2 or 3 clubs, so as to not lose focus on his/her studies.

There exists a great variety of organizational groups subdivided in accordance with particular features and characteristics. These gropus embrace: academic, community service, governance, Greek honors, religious, residence life, university programs and special interests etc.   


Cultural activities


Furthermore, the students of American colleges and universities have an opportunity to visit host plays, art exhibitions, dance performances, live music, debates, town hall meetings, and other cultural activities on campus. In such a way, they are available to experience American life and culture, as well as have a great time!  

Greek life


Moreover, many US universities offer fraternities (for men) and sororities (for women), which are made up of students who share common goals, socialize together and get involved in community activity and charity events. Besides, these clubs supply the community with a great way to make lifelong friends with American students and get actively involved on the campus.