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College Class Size
There observed great differences between participating in a college class of ten students and sitting in a lecture hall with over 200 other learners. Therefore, the student should choose for himself/herself which type of classes to attend: small or large.

Differences between small and large classes
You should choose which class suites you better. Because, in small classes you will be responsible for constant preparing for subjects. But, in the large classes you have a chance not to be noticed during the educational course even you are prepared.

The importance of the professor
A huge difference in any course, no matter what the college class size, is made by the college professor. Therefore, you must to talk to older students who are familiar with him/her. If the professor is interesting and engaging, it will be better to attend small classes. If he/she is completely boring, your place will be in a 200-person lecture hall.

The size of college classes is a factor that may be more important to some students than others. Therefore, you should consider the differences between small and large classes to determine which are completely for you.