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Community College as a Peculiar Type of American Higher Institutions

Among the various types of learning institutions, the special place is given to a community college, which is also known in the United States as junior college, technical college, or city college. This type of institution is primarily two-year public school providing higher education and lower-level tertiary education, awarding certificates, diplomas, and associate's degrees. Moreover, after graduating from a community college, some students may transfer to a four-year liberal arts college or university for two to three years to complete a bachelor's degree.
However, many schools have evolved into and adapted the term comprehensive to describe their institutions. Such schools usually provide six kinds of education:

Transfer education – The traditional two-year student that will then transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a BS/BA degree.
Career education – The traditional two-year student that will graduate with an Associate Degree and directly enter the workforce.
Developmental – Remedial education for high school graduates who are not academically ready to enroll in college-level courses.
Continuing – Non-Credit courses offered to the community for personal development and interest.
Industry training – Contracted training and education wherein a local company pays the college to provide specific training or courses for their employees.
eLearning - Distance learning occurs online using one's computer and proctored exams.