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Contact Info:
State: Montana
City: Great Falls
Street: 1301 20th Street South
ZIP: 59405
Phone: 800-856-9544
 Serves: Worldwide
 Enrollment: Rolling
 Financial Aid: Yes
 Scholarships: Yes
The University of Great Falls (UGF) was founded through the collaborative efforts of the Sisters of Providence, the Ursuline Sisters, the Catholic Bishop of Great Falls and the civic community all of whom recognized societal need for higher education. This is educational mission, sponsored by the Sisters of Providence, continues to be the shared endeavor of dedicated people.

The University cooperates with both private and public institutions to attain goals consistent with its educational purpose. The University continually and responsibly evaluates its operation and programs. The University offers students a foundation for actively implementing Gospel values and the teaching of Jesus within the Catholic tradition; it serves students of all beliefs who wish to take advantage of its programs.

Financial aid 
Financial aid at the University of Great Falls is designed to assist students in paying for their expenses associated with earning a college knowlage. It is available to help pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and the studentís living expenses while enrolled to university. The aid may be provided through some combination of scholarships, grants, loans and work opportunities. The university encourages all students to learn as much as possible about federal aid as well as outside scholarships.

Magnanimous financial aid packages are designed by the financial aid office at the University of Great Falls. All students who have applied and been accepted to the University are automatically considered for academic merit awards. The scholarships include academic merit awards, including a UGF Scholar Award full tuition scholarship.

Distance learning
There are two main ways of participating in Distance Learning courses at UGF. The first method is based on attending regularly scheduled live, interactive LearnLinc discussion sessions. And the other one uses an industry-leading course management system called Blackboard, which enables students to participate in class "asynchronously".

Distance Learning classes are designed to help students earn a degree from the University of Great Falls from home. The university offers several complete degrees and over one hundred courses every year via distance learning. Distance Learning programs have been designed to enhance student/professor involvement and to increase communication between students within a class. 



Programs offered by this school:
Associates Degree in Addiction Counseling
Associates Degree in Criminal Justice
Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Master of Arts in Organizational Management
Masters Degree in Education